What you can see above is a simulation for the functioning of a robotic chain – a modular, self-reconfigurable system (yes, this is engineering jargon). Watch the numbers on the modules to understand how the row of automated “cubes” transforms itself into a column, without exterior intervention, supporting structures or movement guides.

After two years of research, we came up with an original design (WIPO patent pending) for a mechanism which transforms a single-source rotational motion into a polygonal trajectory (a square, in the case of Orbiting Cubes). For proving the mathematical solution and of the functioning of the basic “cell” – two cubes linked together – we manufactured a prototype which demonstrates the three unique features of our design:

  • The whole mechanical assembly is contained entirely inside the modules. 
  • The modules preserve attitude (same horizontal / vertical) while performing the orbiting motion.
  • There’s only one source of rotation generating the square output trajectory.


Pragma means thing, matter, object in Greek (πράγμα). We envision "hyperthings" which can solve new challenges coming our way, as a civilization. Building a skyscraper which can shape-shift to fence off a hurricane. Conceiving a specialized industrial robot for 1/10th of the cost of a typical robotic arm, but 10 times more reliable. Sending self-building, self-maintaining, multi-purpose structures on Mars. All these ideas can be implemented by using our mechanical design solution, which can easily integrate AI inputs.

Pragmatism, a philosophical movement begun in the 19th century, considers thought as an instrument or tool for prediction, problem solving and action. Pragmatism focuses on a changing universe rather than an unchanging one. And what profound changes are happening in mankind's universe. 

about us

Hyperpragma is a fresh startup based in Bucharest, Romania, lead by two founders.

Sorin Axinte (Axu), CEO. 46, life-long tinkerer of all things mechanical. Entrepreneur - 7 startups co/founded since 1999, where he learned to recognize opportunity.  Former corporate guy - 9 years in two episodes, when he learned planning. Crazy about modern classic cars, engineered to last a life-time and to deliver unfiltered sensations. Driving an '89 BMW e30 / 325ix.

Radu Apetroaia, CTO. 42, obsessed with mechanisms. Life-long passion for mathematics. Director of Photography (for films) and photographer for 20 years. Proud to carry forward the engineering legacy of the film camera, unparalleled in design and engineering prowess: micron-level precision when moving-stopping-moving 500 frames of film per second. It's a benchmark most industrial robotic systems are still striving to achieve.

The grandfathers of Sorin and Radu were mechanical engineering professionals and they had workshops at home - which were the perfect childhood playgrounds. Now, Hyperpragma's founders want to strenghten the team with other breakthrough-focused engineers and push the boundaries of robotics and "hyperthings".  


To go further with our ideas and technology, we are looking for teammates (engineers) and strategic partners (technology companies, investors) willing and able to collaborate with us for developing breakthrough products and solutions based on our concept. Drop us a line: axu at hyperpragma dot com.